Cricket Association of Grande Prairie

Mission Statement:

The mission of GPCA is to bring our communities together and seek to remove all forms of discrimination, prejudice, racism, bias, and favoritism and focus only on the spirit of cricket.

Message from the President

I am immensely proud of the great success achieved by the GPCA in a very short time. We now have newly constructed cricket pitch and our home field. The experienced GPCA executive has worked hard behind the scenes to ensure successful achievement of our  goals. This all would have not been possible without the support of  all GPCA members. The GPCA executive body is very appreciative of members for their enthusiasm and passion for the sport. It is also fair to thank all our sponsors and individuals for their  invaluable contributions support to realize our dreams.

We have already seen some  exciting talented players and we hope to attract new players and members as we continue to build GPCA towards cricket supremacy. The GPCA executive body committee is dedicated  and will continue to look forward to ensure that we provide a quality and fun filled sporting environment for all those involved with the GPCA.  

Long live Grande Prairie Cricket Association!!!

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